Becoming a BlackCat Apprentice

by Feb 1, 2021News

The BlackCat Futures Apprenticeship Academy takes a three stage approach to supporting young learners with their further education: –

  1. We work with great organisations to support them in recruiting young learners to join them on an apprenticeship journey.
  2. We partner with some great charities / individuals to assist in supporting the young learner mentally and emotionally as they embark on a completely new way of life.
  3. We ensure that we link the young learner and the client organisation to a training provider who can provide the best educational experience.

If you would like to become an apprentice and you would like the BlackCat Futures team to assist you, please submit your CV to

There are some great tips here for completing your first CV, if you need some guidance: – How to create an apprenticeship CV, and make it stand out (

Once we have a CV from you, we will send you an email asking you to answer some questions using our video Technology. These questions are nothing to worry about it, but they will just allow us to get to know you a little better. We will use this information to match you to a great opportunity, as soon as we have one available. All you will need to enable you to do this is a smart phone or a laptop with a camera.

If you are unable to do this, please get in touch and we will see how we can support you.

Once you are matched to an opportunity, our team will take you through the application process for the role and support you as best we can.

Thanks for taking the time to consider registering with us. We hope to find you a great opportunity soon and look forward to supporting and working with you.

Good luck!