Diversity & Inclusion

D & I forms a significant part of the way in which we run our business.

It is something that the owners of the BlackCat Talent Co have always been extremely passion about. Affording equal opportunities to their employees and candidates regardless of their background, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender reassignment or if they have a disability.

Not only do we work hard in our organisation to ensure that it is a safe, supportive and equal place for all, we also work with our client partners to recognise what D & I is and support them in actively being part of the change towards a more accepting & diverse work place.

Whilst there has been some positive movement towards equal opportunities, we believe there is still work to do. We work with our clients to understand the issues in their organisations that they may not know exist.



The word ‘diversity’ can be used to represent a group of people that come from very different backgrounds. E.G different races, religions, ethnicities, genders, socio-economic status etc.

Having a culturally diverse organisation, benefits the workplace in many different ways. People from a variety of backgrounds bring with them a range of different ideas and perspectives which can lead to innovative results. Problems are looked at from a number of angles and solutions discussed with a range of different people. Employees can be themselves, be open about who they are and their background and know that this is not just accepted but celebrated.

When diversity is steeped in a company’s culture and philosophy, an environment is nurtured that allows for creativity, support and growth (both employees and the business!)



Whilst encouraging and celebrating diversity amongst the employees in your organisation is a fantastic start, building an inclusive environment where every individual has the ability to thrive, is when inclusion comes in to play.

CIPD studies suggest that there are many benefits to building an inclusive workforce. Increased employee satisfaction, reduced absenteeism and higher levels of creativity to name a few. With so many benefits for both employer and employee, companies cannot afford to ignore the work required to build a truly inclusive work environment.

The BlackCat Talent Co work with our client-partners to encourage inclusivity for all. We have the ability to health check an organisations current inclusion practises and work with them to build a philosophy that is followed from the shop floor to the stake holders. This will ensure that every individual feels supported, safe, valued and secure in their job.