Our events specialists work closely with you to design activities and events to improve employee engagement 


Engaged and committed employees are less than half as likely to be passively or actively looking for a new job opportunity 


With a stable workforce, your ensure productivity levels and performance results are at optimum levels


Businesses across the UK are facing a staff retention crisis. Only one-in-four employees feel they are genuinely connected to their culture, and only one-in-three strongly agree they belong at their organisation.


Research from Forbes, states that 36% of employees say a lack of recognition is the number one reason to leave their job. And with 40% of 2,000 workers interviewed in a recent poll stating they are considering leaving their within the next 6 months, Can you afford not to make your employee experience top of your retention plans this year?


Adopting a human-focused approach to building culture and employee experience begins with leaders demonstrating to their employees, that they are truly valued by recognition of their contributions.



Research and analysis from thousands of employees’ including front-line workers through to Senior Management, shows that recognition isn’t just “nice to have” at work, it is essential to the employee experience that drives performance, engagement and retention.


For companies to ensure they retain the talent in their business, leaders must show their employees that they are valued now.


All forms of recognition are good such as a simple “Thank You” to formal companywide acknowledgement. But for recognition to be impactful, it needs to be:

  1. Authentic
  2. Personal
  3. Aligned with the organisation’s culture
  4. Fulfilling


By organising recognition and team building events with BlackCat, you demonstrate to your employees, clients and the wider world, that your organisation is dedicated to your employees’ well-being.


When recognition does hit the mark, employees are:


  • 4 times as likely to be fully engaged in their role, and with their team
  • 56% less likely to be looking or watching for new job opportunities
  • 5 times as likely to feel connected to their company’s culture
  • 4x as likely to recommend their organization to friends and family
  • 5x as likely to see a path to grow at their organization
  • 44% more likely to be “thriving” in their life overall


With “lack of career progression” available in their current organisation, being another key reason why top performing talent leave their jobs, BlackCat can build activities or an event around your Leadership Development & People Strategy requirements, providing resolutions to two of the most damaging causes of staff attrition.

The Talent division of BlackCat focuses on working with our client partners to ensure that they offer a company culture and candidate / employee experience that is second to none. Where focusing on identifying and retaining top talent is central to what we do.

As Associate CIPD Members (Level 7), BlackCat aim to begin your day, with bespoke Leadership Development and/or People Strategy sessions.

Having already liaised with your organisation’s key people – often members of your Board, C-Suite or other pivotal Senior Leaders, these sessions will be built around the results from previously undertaken Personality and Ability Psychometric Assessments.

Not only will our registered Test User talk you through the results and feedback for each participant in the process, they will also have undertaken an individual session with each of the delegates who have taken the assessment, ensuring that your employee’s continued experience of working for your organisation, is completely unrivalled.

Then, following these invaluable sessions, the remainder of the day will be organised by BlackCat Events who will take over, to provide your selected attendees, with amazing fun-filled team building activities and entertainment throughout the afternoon, and even into the evening as required.

     For details of the Leadership or People Strategy work we can do with you, please contact:

    Saran Cliff on: 07767 279 451 or email: saran@blackcatrecruitment.co.uk

    For Team Building and Entertainment details, please contact:

    Ian Shuttleworth on: 07718 964 585 or email: events@blackcattalent.co.uk



    BlackCat Events create amazing Fun Days, which are much more than an opportunity for everyone to let their hair down.

    Starting at a similar cost to a recruitment fee, holding a Fun Day is a smart investment in significantly improving the retention of your existing talent.

    Fun Days are a reward to your workforce, boost team morale and motivation, strengthen employee trust in management, and can also seriously impress your clients!

    We organise events of any size, from catering for small local teams to entire National Company workforces. We have loads of ways to entertain throughout these events, with activities including:

        • Axe Throwing
        • Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting
        • Batak Light Wall Competitions
        • Inflatable Obstacle Courses
        • Bungee Runs
        • Giant Inflatable Games
        • Gladiator Duels
        • Sumo Suit Wrestling
        • Fairground style sweets and snacks
        • Face Painting
        • Balloon Animals & Modelling
        • Disco Pods
        • Inflatable Pubs and Clubs(!)
        • Magicians
        • Bouncy Castles
        • Archery
        • Golf Competitions
        • Hog Roasts
        • Street Food Vendors
        • Kids Mascot, Superhero and Princess appearances
        • Balloon Displays
        • Photo Walls
        • Corporate Signage and Promotional Items

    The entertainment doesn’t have to be contained to the day time hours either. We can ensure the fun continues late into the evening too. For our clients looking for options moving into the night, we also work with:

        • High-end Caterers for sit-down meals
        • Mobile Bars
        • DJs
        • Live bands, Musicians and Singers

    To ensure the weather isn’t ever an issue, depending on the venue, we offer rainy-day alternative entertainment, or simply organise marquees to bring the enjoyment under cover.

    However you’d like your Fun Day to go, we have everything you need to create the lasting memories and positive effects every business needs.



    Team building events can drastically change the dynamics of a poorly motivated workforce. By allowing your staff to come together in a relaxed and fun environment, away from the stresses of the office or workplace, they can start to communicate, bond and positively change the dynamics with their colleagues, in a way they couldn’t do in a corporate setting.


    Simply by having fun and relaxing with your colleagues, is long proven to improve strengthen relationships, reduce conflict and improve productivity. Not only will you see these improvements almost immediately, your staff will recognise the appreciation shown by their leaders in organising such an event, and come to work knowing they are in a positive environment.


    See below, a non-exhaustive list we offer, as stand-alone activities that can be completed in shorter timeframes, or as part of a larger organised event:


    • Archery (Outdoors)
    • Axe Throwing (Outdoors)
    • Batak Speed Light Wall (Indoors or Outdoors)
    • Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting (Indoors or Outdoors)
    • Cocktail Making Class (Indoors or Outdoors)
    • Pizza Making Class (Outdoors)
    • Inflatable Obstacle Courses (Indoors or Outdoors – venue size permitting)
    • Inflatable Games – Football Shoot Out, Basketball Shoot Out, Axe Throwing & Mega Darts (Indoors or Outdoors)
    • 40ft Bungee Run (Indoors or Outdoors)



    BlackCat Events also organise bespoke Christmas and other Seasonal parties including Halloween Spectaculars, Easter Garden Parties or Summer Balls.  We select the venues, themes, entertainment and catering options that will make your party the talk of legend for years to come.


    BlackCat Events tailor-make seasonal parties specifically to your brief. We work closely with you to design the theme or feel, select the venue, choose the catering and organise the entertainment. We work from scratch, with a collaborative approach to selection, so that you get everything you want, and more.


    Christmas, Summer, Halloween, Easter and Bonfire Night are all fantastic opportunities to put on a special event for your team, all of which will help to increase staff morale, enhance communication and teamwork. You could use the opportunity to launch a new product / service, introduce potential clients to your company or simply have a great time with your staff.


    If you’d like to start planning a party for this year, but don’t know where to start, then contact us now, and we can arrange a meeting.


    We work with amazing hospitality and leisure venues around the country, all with flexible indoor meeting and conference spaces, outdoor areas, parking and accommodation either onsite or nearby.


    We ensure that all of the venues we work with are friendly, accommodating and are fully able and open to covering all requirements to make your event run smoothly and as stress-free as possible.


    For those larger events, we also work with sports pitches and centres to accommodate the number of delegates for any requirement.



    We don’t believe we can be beaten on the value you take away from these days, so for a pricing information on all of our Event services, please get in touch.



    Phone: 01952 445 592

    Mobile: 07718 964 585

    Email: events@blackcattalent.co.uk


     We’d love to come and meet you to discuss your Staff Recognition, Employee Engagement or Team Building Event requirements this year, so get in touch and we’ll see you soon!