We see the future of strong organisational success and the UK Economy being influenced by one major thing – Talent.

There are many definitions of Talent in the UK workplace. E.g. The CIPD summarise the word Talent in the following way: –

‘Talent refers to individuals who can make a significant difference to organisational performance. This may be either through their intermediate contribution or, in the longer-term, by reaching their highest levels of potential.’

Whilst we absolutely agree with this, at BlackCat we use the term ‘Talent’ a little more broadly. We believe that the Talent within all individuals can be nurtured and developed to ensure that an enviable workplace culture is developed, all team members feel wanted & are progressing (if they want to) & organisational performance is impacted in a positive way.

Not only have we recognised the need to encourage and support young learners as they embark on their new careers to combat skills shortages but we also understand the need for robust Leadership and Management programmes to equip organisations, and the wider economy, with the skills they need for future success. You can check out our leadership development programmes here!

Our BlackCat Talent Apprenticeship Academy is an excellent way to identify & nurture the growth of talented young employees & will contribute to your organisational success.

We follow the Talent Management Loop to ensure that we are working with our clients to attract & retain great employees to their organisation, develop their skills & continuously motivate them to improve their performance.