Employment Law

We recognise that a well-rounded approach to Human Resources Management is required so that a company’s culture, career prospects and hiring strategy is fair, legal and ethical.

To ensure that all advice and support that we offer is in-keeping with employment law policies and procedures, individuals within the BlackCat Talent Co hold memberships with both the REC and the CIPD. We believe this to be critical. It is imperative that all of the Talent experts in our business are up to date with policies that affect Resourcing and Talent Management practises for own company, and our client-partner organisations.

When working with the BlackCat Talent Co, you can be sure that the advice that we offer is not only ethical and following best-practise, but that relevant employment law has been taken into consideration and is adhered to.

If you require Employment Law support and guidance that extends further than the realms of resourcing & Talent Management then we can help you there too. If something doesn’t fall under our expertise within Human Resources Management, then you can guarantee we work with a specialist who can help.

Do you have any of the following requirements:

General HR Advice

Documentation & Contracts

Tribunal Representation

If so, we can support. Whether that be putting you in touch with our employment law specialist partner directly, or gaining the advice, support and guidance you need so that you only have one port of call for all of your HRM needs.

We put as much importance on choosing our partners as we do in selecting our own internal workforce. So you are guaranteed BlackCat quality.