Resource, Recruit, Retain

Resource, Recruit, Retain with BlackCat Talent Co!

If our combined 35+ years experience of placing great people into their dream job has taught us anything, it’s that you need to Resource, Recruit, Retain. There is so much more to a successful recruitment campaign than ‘posting and praying!’ (Posting a job advert, praying that a well-suited candidate applies and then praying again that they get the job and do well in their new role!). That approach is no fun for anyone, not us, not the candidate and not our clients.

We’ve got lucky with the ‘post and pray’ a number of times of course, but it doesn’t give us the same warm, fuzzy feeling that we get when we use our knowledge, experience and expertise to tailor a campaign to suit the businesses that we work within in.

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We summarise the key areas of importance in our field with the three simple words:

Resource, Recruit, Retain.



There’s a fine art to resourcing top talent for your organisation.

Attracting and identifying the right individuals, at the right time and cost, is something we are passionate about. Through our co-creative relationship with our client partners, the hard work starts long before a job advert is placed or we start reaching out to candidates about an opportunity within a company.

Our Talent experts ensure that their knowledge of recruitment trends and the labour market is up to date at all times. We use this information to guide the hiring managers we work with, as soon as they recognise a potential hiring need in their organisation.

We constantly assess the digital platforms that we use to attract top talent. Ensuring that they are relevant to the industries that we are working within and their results remain linked to a significant chance of hiring success.

We work with our clients to understand and assess their current candidate journey. What do our client-partners do to ensure that every applicant is treated fairly, with respect and left with a good feeling about the company regardless of whether they got the job? If it’s not currently a focus of theirs, we can help.

Our talent experts work with our clients to ensure that the company’s resourcing plans well support their overall people strategy.



Recruitment and Selection forms a significant part of what we do.

Whilst you may have engaged with other third party recruitment service providers that have not been involved from a selection perspective, our talent experts are well-experienced and work with their key accounts to support them in this area.

Devising a Selection strategy that is cost-appropriate, relevant to the role that is being recruited and offers the best chance of predicting job success can be a challenge. Our Talent experts work with our clients-partners to offer support and guidance in all of the below areas:

Interview Techniques 

Assessments Centres

Psychometric Profiling

Pre-employment Checks

Reference Checking



You’d be right to assume that most of the work that is performed by our Talent Expert falls under Resource & Recruit and whilst we know how important those areas are, it is equally as important to ensure that staff retention is at the top of your list of priorities when reviewing your hiring process.

High employee turnover is likely to have a negative impact on the overall performance within your organisation. We work with our client-partners to understand the reasons behind staff turnover and implement successful recruitment & retention strategies to ensure that turnover is reduced and your company culture and employee engagement is strong.

The Talent division of our company offers a number of training sessions, team days and courses that will put retention of staff and a 1st class company culture at the forefront of our clients strategic goals. Sessions include:

Leadership development programme

Underpinned by Psychometric Profiling – Our leadership development course offers a unique (& sometimes intense) 4 session bespoke programme. Our delegates will be supported through a close look at their own personality, their leadership qualities and the areas for development. Undertaking this course will assist any leadership team in guiding themselves and their team members to success, in a psychologically safe & nurturing work environment. 

360 Assessments

Our accredited assessors use a powerful and completely customisable 360° assessment tool, to gather meaningful feedback from a wide range of people about an individual’s working behaviours, such as people management, team working and interpersonal styles, with a view to improving them. This tool identifies the strengths and development needs of an individual, & your assessor & coach will also provide a comprehensive guide to suitable development interventions.

Culture & Engagement

Our Culture & Engagement sessions are ideal for the understanding, interpretation, management and development of your organisation’s Culture, Values and Employee Engagement. It provides a reliable and accurate benchmark for future decision making and action planning, and is designed to help deliver strategic and long term organisational change.

If our experience in the world of Resourcing & Talent Management has taught us anything, it is that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work when looking for your next great hire.

Our approach is, and always will be, to consult with our customers and use one of the many tools that we are qualified to use, to build the most robust selection process with the best predictive chance of hiring success!

We summarise the key areas of importance in our field with the three simple words: Resource, Recruit, Retain.