British-Indian Trade History – BlackCat / BizLynx Partnership

by Apr 15, 2021Blog

Following the recent partnership of The BlackCat Talent Co. & BizLynx Consultancy Services, we wanted to explore the history of the trade relationship between Britain and India.

As we will see throughout this timeline, decisions made by the British Government meant the Indian people lost their independence, hundreds of thousands were enslaved and many more sadly lost their lives. India finally won their Independence from Britain in 1947.

Since Britain’s exit from the EU, we hope that new agreements can be made all over the world benefitting us all.

We ourselves are also hoping to expand our reach by working with many like-minded organisations around the World, and our partnership with the fantastic BizLynx is just the first of these!

Please click on the link below to view the timeline of events from the UK’s history of trade with India.

British-Indian Trade History