BlackCat – BizLynx : Partnerships, Friendships & History!

by Apr 6, 2021News

Recently, we released the amazing news of our first International partnership. BlackCat have joined forces with BizLynx Consultancy Services, a fantastic HR company based in Pune, India.

I am really conscious that we haven’t shared much information with you all about the partnership and, as always, I wanted to tell you why our first International alliance means so much to me personally and bring you along for the journey.

My grandfather came to the UK from India in the 60’s, to take up a job opportunity in an Automotive factory. He came to the UK to seek out a better life for his family and found himself in England in a time where trying to even find a room to rent saw him having to walk on by suitable premises that had signs outside stating ‘No blacks, No Irish, No dogs!’ Over the coming years he worked hard, remained resilient and secured a property allowing my Grandmother to relocate with my Dad and my Aunty. Wholly unwelcome at times, unable to speak the language fluently, but they settled and England became their home and provided a wealth of benefits in return for their hard work.

Had my Grandparents not have made the journey they did for their family, i wouldn’t be here today and benefitting from a host of opportunities that being a part of an incredibly hard-working family has afforded me, my sister, my cousins, my children and our whole family.

I first started working with Stella and Steve some 7 / 8 years when they ran the Indian division of the global Automotive support services company that I worked for. We worked on some incredible recruitment campaigns together and became friends along the way. Whilst our paths went in different direction we kept in touch and have been reunited professionally to bring an Enhanced Trade Partnerships to our clients and candidates.

As business owners in both countries and having worked together for many years, our recently formed alliance allows us to leverage our skills and experience for bilateral development in such areas as:

  • Recruitment
  • Career Coaching
  • Learning and Development
  • Apprenticeship Schemes
  • Cross-fertilisation of HR strategies and synergies between the UK and India

This is such an exciting opportunity for my business partner, Ian and I. We are passionate about home-grown careers and apprenticeships and set up the BlackCat Futures division to ensure that we do our bit to support solutions to the current (and future) UK Skills shortages issue. Whilst this is developing and we figure out the best way to support our youth, we are committed to finding the best candidates for our client’s technical requirements, wherever they are in the world. This partnership helps us to do just this.

Additionally, as Globalisation becomes ever-more prevalent, that warm fuzzy feeling of having an intimate knowledge of what is going on around the world is extremely comforting to us.

The best thing about our partnership: We are all on the same page and heading in the same direction. Great career journeys for great people is our thing and we’re passionate about it!

If someone takes the same path as my Grandfather as a result of our partnership / friendship and builds a happy life filled with amazing opportunity, then that would make me super happy too! We are committed to supporting those individuals.

The world isn’t such a big place anymore……

By Saran Cliff

Director & Co-Owner

The BlackCat Talent Co.